• Storm, born January 26, 2012
  • Albino Boa Constrictor
  • Albino Boa Constrictor
  • Beautiful Head and Eyes


Welcome to Albino Boa Constrictor Website. This will be an informational website about not only the Albino Boa Constrictor, but also many other variations such as the Lipstick and Sunglow various plus many more. I will try and document with photos and descriptions the variations of each.


I have owned many different types and varieties of snakes on and off since about 1993. I have owned Boa and Albino Boa Constrictors, Burmese and Albino Burmese Pythons, and Rosey Boas just to name a few. I am by no means an exert, but I have a good understanding and General knowledge of snakes and the proper care of snakes. I am not intending for this website to be a one stop shop for all that there is to know about them. What I am going to try and do with this website is give general information of the different varieties of snakes (mainly the Boa Constrictor) using photos and descriptions and also some general guidelines regarding the care and feeding of these exotic animals.

I will try to gather as many photos as I can not only of my Albino Boa Constrictor, but also many other morphs and variations of Boa Constrictors and provide a little information on each.

I will also try to provide information regarding the proper care and feeding and how to handle these animals in a safe and responsible manner.

One of the main reasons for this site is also to post up photos of my Albino Boa Constrictor to document the changes of color and size as she matures.